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We are all guests on this earth

Taman means garden in Bali and Ruediger Dahlke wanted to create a garden of life right from the start - the Gamlitz garden near Europe's most beautiful and multiple award-winning flower village.


Ruediger designed the TamanGa garden of life from a mixture of nature and seclusion, space for inner peace and spirituality, self-discovery, contemplation and reflection on the essentials in life, on you.

Many perceive it as a small refuge, where we feel how much we are guests on Mother Earth and how good it is for us to feel this in harmony with our own and Great Mother Nature.


Healing always comes from within ourselves: Medicus curat - natura sanat: The doctor cares, provides the framework - nature heals: in TamanGa it can come true. As a sponsor of your “Inner Doctor”, Ruediger is happy to set the course and the place provides the necessary rest and strength for regeneration that our organism needs in order to find its way back into the center. 

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