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Grow in every way

"Wachsen" in jeder Hinsicht

From the organic garden to the kitchen - without any ecological ones  Footprint. What is grown in the garden can be found in our kitchen,  bewitched to  delicious peace food vegan dishes at the buffet again.  









At Peace Food, Ruediger emphasizes that food should be "regional" and "seasonal", but also complements it with exotic foods  Fruits, vegetables, grains and spices that are beneficial to health or even therapeutically.  Regionality merges with exoticism on the palate, the desire to taste TamanGa over and over again and the feeling of having gone on a strange, inclusive, fulfilling journey can also be felt when eating. From "vegan is boring" is really here  no trace (except when fasting, of course). 

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You can enter the garden and use it to "puff", walk, smell, touch, feel and discover. Did you know that you can "harvest" tomatoes in your dark, warm cellar even in winter? And that they are almost tastier than in summer? Or which types of cucumber are suitable for freezing and when defrosted they make a wonderful summer-fresh salad?  Has these gimmicks and more  our team ready for you.  

In summer, when every work in the garden becomes a burden at 8:00 a.m. due to the heat, a large part of the work is already done in the garden. First and foremost is the work in the herb garden, planting, weeding, watering, plucking, harvesting, drying and mixing to make the wonderful teas.  The ancient knowledge of  TEM (Traditional European Herbal Medicine) you can for example. with herb hikes  experienced like hardly anyone else. She practiced her art even before there was any special training for it.  

This closes the cycle of fruit and vegetables for the kitchen, medicinal herbs for your teas and wild herbs for your smoothie. 

Kochkurse & Ausbildungen

Cooking courses & training

Of course, some people want all of that  learn by yourself.  There is an opportunity for this at Eva, our "certified Peace Food Advisor". In her cooking school , not far from TamanGa, you can prepare everything that you harvest in the morning in the garden with her during the day.


Our cooking courses are deliberately not primarily concerned with the production of "substitutes for ...", for example scrambled eggs or Parmesan, but rather we create new, surprising, delicious dishes - always with a focus on health and enjoyment. Because Ruediger's Peace-Food books do not speak of mortification but of respecting life by looking after animal life  Products waived,  to use the plant-based ingredients in all their quality and to enjoy the food with joy.

Kochkurse PEACE FOOD  (Modul 2)

  • 17 Nov 2024, 17:00 – 23 Nov 2024, 12:00
    TamanGa, Labitschberg 4, 8462 Labitschberg, Österreich
    Für Interessierte der veganen Küche oder als Teil der Ausbildung zur/m „ErnährungstrainerIn Vegan nach Peace Food" Kursleitung: Küchenteam TamanGa Preis: € 720 (€ 80,- Rabatt für Mitglieder von Dahlke4you) Preis enthält keine Nächtigung/Verpflegung Max. 15 TeilnehmerInnen

PEACE FOOD Theorie Modul 1 ist  einfach und schnell online zu nutzen:

PEACE FOOD Themen-Kochkurse

  • 28 Aug 2024, 15:00 – 03 Sept 2024, 15:00
    TamanGa, Labitschberg 4, 8462 Labitschberg, Österreich
    Ein Woche voller Gourmet Rohkost. Wir bereiten gemeinsam leckere gesunde und natürlich vegane Rohkostgerichte zu. Ihr erhaltet viele tolle Tipps und Tricks. Kursleiterin: Christin Brockmann Kurspreis: € 720 zzgl. Übernachtung inkl. veganer Halbpension Max. 16 TeilnehmerInnen


Das PEACE FOOD Kochtudio in TamanGa ist ein lichtdurchfluteter großer Raum, ausgestattet mit Miele Elektrogeräten der neuesten Generation und 6 Kochplätzen für bis zu 12 Kochschülern plus Trainer:in. 

Ein Platz ist für online-Übertragungen oder Filmaufnahmen optimal gestaltet. Die Kochschule ist auch für Externe (vegan ist Voraussetzung!) zu einem Tagessatz buchbar. 


PEACE FOOD (Koch-)Bücher

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