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Individual support for your powerful blossoming from Christina Macke

  • Psychosomatic counseling: "What does my body want to tell me?"

Are you currently out of balance and want to find out what is missing? Psychosomatics takes a holistic view of symptoms. I would be happy to support you in understanding your body's signals and developing appropriate approaches that can help you deal with the issues on a different level.

Duration: 1 hour, price: € 100

  • Session with the Connected Breath: "I connect with my life energy."

Do you long for more strength and joie de vivre? Would you like to promote your self-healing powers? Or do you want to get to know yourself better? The connected breath enables deep, touching experiences. 

Breathing sessions take place after a short, free preliminary talk.

Duration: approx. 2 hours, price for a single session: 180 €

  • Soul picture travel / shadow work: "Immerse yourself deeply"

Are you ready to delve deeper into yourself and bring light into your shadows? With the help of the soul picture journeys, deep recognition and understanding is possible. 

“Whoever perceives his shadow and his light at the same time sees himself from two sides, and that puts him in the middle.” - CG Jung 

Duration: This type of support is particularly intensive and only takes place after prior agreement and is individually coordinated. There are at least 5 sessions, each lasting 2 hours. However, I recommend more appointments as it goes deeper with each session. If you are interested, contact me as soon as possible.

Price: 100 € / hour

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