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  • Craniosacral based body work

Gentle touch - deep effect. Part of osteopathy deals with the tension balance of the fascia. (Balanced ligament tension, BLT). In this approach to treatment, I take time to listen to the body and then work where the body shows its lesion via the restriction of mobility. Find it, fix it, leave it. The body has the opportunity to go into the self-healing process via the new freedom of movement.


  • Sponging: feel good - feel your body.

Pressing and letting go is the principle that shapes this body work. This not only does the  Liquids mobilized, it gives a lot to the body  Permeability and your attention inevitably withdraw into your body. During and after the "sponging" one feels very present, present in the body and in the here and now. Do you just want to have a good time or do you want to start yourself in a more subtle way in the first place  perceive, then this treatment is just right.

  • Body adjustment

Assisted moving, standing, sitting, lying down. Times  passive, sometimes active, adapted to your physical capacities. Kind of a yoga class, from my hands  accompanied.


All treatments last 50 minutes and cost € 85

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